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Designing a high converting SaaS website scaling up the design system.


An image CDN providing image optimizations and transformations for website & mobile app developers.




Newark, DE, US
Gurgaon, India


Cloud based SaaS product

Company size

10 - 50 employees

Services we provided

  • UX/UI Design

  • SaaS Website Design

  • Design system

The Design Brief

Imagekit is the image optimisation tool located in Newark, DE, US.

The challenge was to redesign their SaaS website, making it more approachable for their visitors. The website was confusing and need to be cleared out, making it easy for the visitors to understand the product and the website.

The solution

We redesigned their website keeping it simple, enhancing the messaging and making the graphic more understandable for the visitors.

To grab the visitors attention we added more explanatory graphics which depicted the features Imagekit provided. Showcasing different use cases of their product on different platforms like e-commerce, news, fashion, blog etc.

We wanted to target the different user segment and their target market through uses cases.