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Designing a high-class user experience across all devices.


Netmeds is an e-pharma portal that offers authenticated prescription and Over the Counter (OTC) serving more than 5.7 million customers in more than 670 cities and towns.


~ $99M, Acquired by Reliance Retail


Chennai, India


E-Commerce Pharmacy

Company size

501 - 1000 employees

Services we provided

  • UX/UI Design

  • Website Design

  • Mobile App Design

The client

Netmeds did not have an in-house design expertise. They needed design experts who could work with their product team, including developers, project management, and a copywriter, who could understand the needs of their unique audience — patients and medicine buyers, and who could help develop a high-class user experience across all devices and use cases.

The challenge

Our objective was to revamp the app, simplify the process and introduce the new features (consultation and diagnostics) clearly and effectively.

When you create such a complex platform it is essential to keep in mind the real users and providing them the unified experience.

The solution

We created a design system that served as a visual guideline for consistency on the entire platform.

Designing and strategising website design

We decided to treat each screen with the same love and care, resulting in set of symbols that repeats throughout the app and website maintaining uniformity and come together as one very cohesive and familiar ecosystem.

Define, strategize, and plan wireframes

With such a complex structure with infinite permutations there was only one way to ensure simplicity. A clear yet detailed sitemap of the entire platform.