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Design System

An overview of

UI components &

styles in bruvvv

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/ Icons

Our Brand:

Our icon is our face on social accounts, keeping our personality front and center.

Bruvvv SaaS Design Agency Logo Style Guide on White background
Colored bg
Bruvvv SaaS Design Agency Logo Style Guide on Light blue background
Dark bg
Bruvvv SaaS Design Agency Logo Style Guide on Dark Green background
/ Color

Brand Colors: Core Colors

A conveniently prepared palette to easily adjust all colors.

Coral Teal
# 1E575B
# 009AA5
# D0E8EA
# B07300
# E9A119
# F0E7DB
Accent color / Blue
# 1E575B
Accent color / Red
# 1E575B
Accent color / Yellow
# 1E575B
/ Color

Brand Colors: Neutrals

Neutrals are used to provide utility and hierarchy without competing with our core colors.

Black Ghost
# 011A1D
# 1E575B
# 1E575B
# 1E575B
# 1E575B
# 1E575B
/ Typeface

Typography: Type Styles

Headings, body and other common text elements.

Heading 1

Font size: 104px / Line height: 110%

Heading 2

Font size: 64px / Line height: 110%

Heading 3

Font size: 48px / Line height: 110%

Heading 4

Font size: 32px / Line height: 110%

Heading 5

Font size: 24px / Line height: 110%

Heading 6

Font size: 20px / Line height: 110%

Long Paragraphs

Font size: 20px / Line height: 160%


Font size: 16px / Line height: 160%


Font size: 14px / Line height: 120%

/ Buttons

UI Component: Buttons

Our typographic signature uses custom letterforms inspired by the curves and shapes.

Light Bg
Colored bg
Dark bg
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