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UX Design Audit

Find design gaps in your SaaS product

We will help you find UX gaps in your SaaS website /app experience and get actionable solutions for improving your SaaS product.

Our UI/UX design
process at a glance

Our design process doesn’t play out in a linear order. It looks more like a Window's disk fragmentation diagram. We twist and turn through the design process, looping back and repeating at least one or more tasks in our work process.

UX research

To design a great app we need to understand who your users are, in what context they will use your product, and what needs they will be looking to meet. This is what we will be doing during the research phase.

UX research

Think of a UX strategy as a plan that details how the design will work. To visualize our UX strategy, we create wireframes. They align your product vision with user needs and the product's technical capabilities.

01. Customer journey map

The customer journey map outlines multiple points between a user and a product on a customer’s journey that need to be designed.

02. User flows

User flows are diagrams that display the path a user takes when using your product from an entry point through to the final interaction.

03. Wireframes

A wireframe is a page layout. It gives you a clear idea of the elements on each page and the connections between these elements.